Fodder for tapestry


Blue Heron at Seal Cove
Taking flight (startled by our approach)

In this cove the shallows are full of the shells of sea life eaten by the various birds fishing these waters.  We found a huge scallop shell, several large quohog shells and a razor clam shell, and endless mussel shells. Mussel shells are so beautiful with their range of iridescent  blues and purples! Looking through the water at the shells made me think this would be a wonderful tapestry, having some of the shells in sharp focus as seen through clear water, and others obscured by light reflected on water. Now, how to actually depict that!  I took several photos with a polaroid filter, but they all came out perfectly clear, as if there were no water at all!….

Then I happened to read Kathy Spoering’s post about taking the time to osbserve the natural world, to really look….through an artist’s eyes.   I definitely need more looking…

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