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Life at my Kitchen Table

The biggest news I am compelled to share–a real book! Something I can hold in my hands! What a thrill it was to find a package from Schiffer in the kitchen yesterday when I returned from a day out at … Continue reading

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Life after Archie’s Book

For those of you who got here early you may now see that I’ve changed the title. I thought better of my choice of words almost immediately! Archie Brennan and I started down a path more than a decade ago … Continue reading

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The time has finally come! While I haven’t had nearly as much experience with long passages as Bob has, this is what I always encounter: We provision and wait for the weather window. Our provisions grow low in the waiting … Continue reading

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Plan C, D, E…etc.

All we do these days is make plans for getting home before the hurricane season starts down here. I was going to write about these plans, but they are mutating too fast for me, faster than shifting sand trickling through … Continue reading

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Sunny St. Augustine

We spent a lovely day ashore in St. Augustine yesterday.  It was sunny, there were blue skies, and the temperature was in the 70s!  Finally!  This is why we headed south! The Main Square on King St. The oldest church … Continue reading

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Helena Hernmarck

A friend of mine invited me to visit Helena Hernmarck’s tapestry studio yesterday.  She had been introduced to Helena through her current tapestry mentor in the mentoring program of ATA (American Tapestry Alliance), and she invited me to join her! … Continue reading

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Glorious Summer

This is the extent of my gardening on board (well, almost)! Rosemary, thyme and a bright red geranium! I have no idea how my gardens at home are faring in the 90+ degree heat of the past few weeks, but … Continue reading

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Fodder for tapestry

  Blue Heron at Seal Cove Taking flight (startled by our approach) In this cove the shallows are full of the shells of sea life eaten by the various birds fishing these waters.  We found a huge scallop shell, several … Continue reading

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Wild Kingdom!

I spent most of yesterday watching the bird life around Snow Island.  There are several ospreys in the area, more than I’ve seen in one place before, and they all seem intent on ridding themselves of the eagles in the … Continue reading

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Coastal Living

I’ve been  living on the water for one week now.  The weather has been beautiful, the coastline of Maine stunning!  On the trip up Bob saw a whale and a big basking shark. Together we’ve seen seals, and lots of … Continue reading

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