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Today is the last day of March, and even in the Caribbean it is going out like a lion. Tomorrow I will start the new month (fully spring!) by flying home to New England. I’ve been counting down the days … Continue reading

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St Kitts, Thomas Jefferson, Batik

That’s an odd assortment of names in the title, yet that is the diversity of what we have seen on this island! The weather has us pinned down off the southeast coast of St. Kitts. There are no harbors here … Continue reading

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Nordic Tapestry in Washington Depot

The day after the eclipse marked one month left until the vernal equinox.  We are on the downward slope of summer.  These next few weeks will hold the last of summer’s wealth…. Last weekend my friend Jody joined me in … Continue reading

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As Summer Wanes

It’s Labor Day, the first truly chilly morning of the season, and I LOVE it!  There will be a few more days of summer heat before we hit the equinox, but summer is winding down.  I can feel it in … Continue reading

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Round 2, Ready to Weave!

Teacher knows best!! Repeat like a mantra:  Teacher Knows Best, Teacher Knows Best…. Yesterday, after painting the warp, Bob set up a heat lamp over the warp to keep the temperature as close to 70 degrees F as possible for … Continue reading

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The word journey has been foremost in my mind for months now…. my father in law’s major journey (his life) has just ended.  He led a beautiful life, and he was as much a father to me as he was … Continue reading

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It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without some outdoor time, walking in the woods, putting the garden to bed, and (hopefully) having bulbs already planted. This is not the first time I’ve posted photos of these two lovely structures.  There is moss … Continue reading

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It’s that time of year again…..time to head south on Pandora.  But before I go back to living onboard there is SO much I want to do on land! My small guild always has a natural dyeing workshop in October, … Continue reading

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Bucket of Gold

Summer has ended with such glorious days!  Along my daily walk the views seem extra lovely, with dappled light coming through the canopy of tall trees, playing on the thick undergrowth of fern.  The light is getting long so it … Continue reading

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Try This at Home

Well, I have managed to use synthetic dyes completely unsupervised in my own house.  It’s taken me at least 20 years to get up the nerve and confidence to do this.  I know….  there has never been a logical reason … Continue reading

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