Round 2, Ready to Weave!

Teacher knows best!!

Repeat like a mantra:  Teacher Knows Best, Teacher Knows Best….

Yesterday, after painting the warp, Bob set up a heat lamp over the warp to keep the temperature as close to 70 degrees F as possible for its curing time and overnight drying period.  It worked like a charm, so this morning I have wound the warp back onto the back beam, tugging the warp firmly after each revolution of the beam.  There is no significant shifting!  Hoodah!  What a thrill to actually learn something from this process.

I now have two cardinal rules:
1.  Always blot the warp before painting, even if I cannot see any excess water.
2.  Always tug the warp when winding back on the loom.

I hope to complete the weaving today since it is only about a yard. I hope to paint the 3rd attempt tomorrow….. ever hopeful!

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