On the Road Again….

We have slipped our land moorings and are on the road to our vagabond life on Pandora.  I will miss my looms over the next few months, but I’ve brought some fun projects to keep me company….knitting (of course!), and this time some embroidery and a small tapestry loom. I’m intrigued with this image, and hope to play with it a bit.  It will give me lots of practice with circles, won’t it?  Circles are considered the hardest shape to weave…..I’ll deliberate on that while I weave a few dozen of them!


As you can imagine I’ve brought just about every color imaginable….small loom, big bin of yarn.  I really wanted to design something with minimal colors, but my time was spent elsewhere over the past few months….and I’ve always been a sucker for color! It has been such a hectic fall and winter, and I have struggled to find a balance between weaving and designing while also enjoying the holidays and spending precious time with my husband’s parents during our last wonderful month’s with Bob’s dad.  It was a tremendously moving time for both Bob and me. One week ago we moved Bob’s mother to her new assisted living facility, into a one bedroom apartment with magificent views of Long Island Sound.  It was one of those days with gale force winter winds, and the views of the Sound were quite dramatic.  She likes it!  Her belongings look very pretty in her new place, and it already has a nice sense of home. On Saturday she told Bob that he has taken wonderful care of her since his father died, that she loves her new place, and that she felt he should take a well deserved, long vacation. So, although we hated to leave her so soon after such big changes in her life, we have hit the road for Florida where our boat Pandora has been waiting for us since November. Honestly, I was in no big hurry to return.  I have grown quite complacent to be home in our quiet little town on the Connecticut River, even with the single digit temperatures and the snow.  I got a fair amount of work done over the summer, and this most recent project is finished pretty much to my liking.  Surprisingly, the first painted warp is the one I prefer.  I could not have known this until I did the second one.  I have made two braids that the piece will hang from, and I am happy with them as well. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Here is a detail of the braid….a fiddly process of making a tiny braid in the middle of the strands of silk, and then closing the braid into a loop and adding in more silk to continue with a bigger braid.


We have rushed down the East Coast in order to stay ahead of the ice and snow that has shut down Georgia and the Carolinas.  We spent a wonderful night with Rob and Kandice in Baltimore before we hightailed it for Florida.  We are in St. Augustine now, and although it is a nippy 40 degrees F with wind and drizzle, we don’t dare complain!

We are staying in this pretty little inn right in the historic district.  Our balcony overlooks the Lightner Museum.  We managed to sit out and enjoy the view for a few minutes before the chill drove us back inside.  Here is a shot of our room with the railing outside of the large window and the little balcony for sitting just off to the right of it.

1-29-14 041

1-29-14 044

I am looking forward to dinner in the cozy, intimate dining room later today.  Yesterday we enjoyed a glass of wine in the bar.  A cocktail in the evening and a full breakfast in the mornings comes with the room.

old city house dining room

Stocking up on a few luxuries for our time onboard, like blood orange infused olive oil and some good books from the used book shop!

1-29-14a 001

 Later we will visit the Lightner Museum and tomorrow we will do a little more touring before heading down to Ft. Pierce where Pandora awaits.

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