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Basket Man

Yesterday may have been our last day to visit Old Havana, and I’m so glad I didn’t know it then because I would have felt a need to rush about more. Luckily we had a relaxing day and enjoyed some … Continue reading

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So Much Water over the Bridge!

Weeks have passed since my last post….a combination of rough weather and lots of sailing has prevented me from keeping up here.  I cannot use my computer when I am seasick, and I’ve been seasick a lot! But that is … Continue reading

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The Second Time Around

We are hearing from other sailors that this has been a challenging winter in the Bahamas with lots of unsettled weather bringing strong winds here. I am relieved to here that it isn’t always this blustery down here! We are … Continue reading

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Sweetgrass in Charleston

We are in Charleston, and I have not posted anything here since our arrival last Thursday.  Bob has posted lots of photos and descriptions of what we’ve been up to, and he’s done such a thorough job, that I’m not … Continue reading

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We are stumbling closer and closer to our move to Connecticut.  We have a buyer for our house in New Jersey, and we’ve committed to a house in Connecticut…..but getting everything to fall into place so everyone involved can move … Continue reading

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  Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick in the garden It’s the week after Thanksgiving.  The weather is ridiculously mild.  We’ve had a holiday weekend of sun and warmth that felt like September, but today there is change in the air.  I … Continue reading

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Glorious Summer

This is the extent of my gardening on board (well, almost)! Rosemary, thyme and a bright red geranium! I have no idea how my gardens at home are faring in the 90+ degree heat of the past few weeks, but … Continue reading

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Life is what happens…

…when you’re busy making other plans…. In the midst of my weaving, spinning, basket making, bobbin lace, knitting and gardening my life has taken a sharp turn. I was so busy getting two Nantucket baskets ready for weaving while sailing … Continue reading

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Weaving Baskets…some progress

                                  I now have four basket projects in varying stages.  I need so much hand holding to make any progress that I fear none … Continue reading

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4″ Nantucket basket with ebony  base and maple rim. It’s so wonderful to know craftsmen and artists in various fields.  If not for the basket makers I know I would never have had the wonderful experience of learning from Anne … Continue reading

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