The Second Time Around

We are hearing from other sailors that this has been a challenging winter in the Bahamas with lots of unsettled weather bringing strong winds here. I am relieved to here that it isn’t always this blustery down here!

We are back in Little Farmers’ Cay, and it is an entirely different experience the second time around.  What a lovely spot when the winds are calm.

The water is so calm it seems that Pandora is floating on air above the sea life right below us.  There are beautiful turtles here, large rays, lots of purple sea fans, brain coral and other reef life that I cannot name!  The fish are darting in and out of the reefs, and it’s all on display all around us.  We don’t even need to use our glass bottom bucket!

Yesterday we did some exploring by dinghy and found some wonderful shells on a couple of beaches, and also visited the turtles that live in the grasses in a little  bay, as well as the fisherman cleaning the day’s catch which attracted all the rays.

I also spent the morning weaving my third palm frond coiled basket.  Here are my finished second and third baskets.  The first basket will never be photographed!

Now that I’ve taken these photos, I realize that I should have included something to give them scale.  They are small, about 3″ in diameter.  This basket has a small shell sewn into the inner bottom and a little piece of coral tied to the outside.

We have started looking at various plans for getting home later this spring.    If all goes according to my wishes, I’ll be home just in time to participate in the end of year party with my weaving group as well as the final meeting of the year of my weavers’ guild!  I’m keeping my fingers crossed!  And Bob is beginning to build his case for sailing to Maine this summer.  He has enlisted the help of my little sheep friends.  Boy, he drives a hard bargain.

I had my first bad migraine since leaving the US last night.  A scary thing, wondering if my medication would work and what I might do if it didn’t.  It was a bad one, so today I will take it easy…. and enjoy the beautiful skies!

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