Wild Kingdom!

I spent most of yesterday watching the bird life around Snow Island.  There are several ospreys in the area, more than I’ve seen in one place before, and they all seem intent on ridding themselves of the eagles in the area.  The ospreys worked together to dive bomb the eagles, and I’m not sure if they were just claiming their hunting territory of if the eagles pose some additional threat.  I know some birds steal the nests of others.  Clearly, for reasons I may not fully understand, the ospreys do not wish to cohabitate with eagles!

eagle at Snow Island

This eagle sat calmly in the tree while a group of ospreys hurled themselves and dived down on her/him!  Right nearby was the eagle’s nest complete with adolescent eaglet.




Eaglet on the nest

Well, I know this eaglet is hard to see even if you ‘bigify’ the photo…nest is near the center of the image.  I marveled at the parent eagle bringing food to this baby whose sharp beak and claws surely must make parenting difficult!


Yesterday was one of those Maine days that is so clear everything appears super-focused. I took photos of water and sky, and I hope someday they will be useful to developing a cartoon for a tapestry.

And I finished one of my summer books….

Summer reading:

This is a fascinating history of New York before the English, when it was the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam.  The author gives vivid images of life in this colony through the written records and correspondence of that period and shows that the Dutch culture has lived on to the present time in current New York culture.  His premise is that New York is still more Dutch than English, and that the Dutch culture of the 17th century is the core of American culture. He does a great job!

Amazing book!…too moving to describe.  I highly recommend it! I bought it for reading on board, but I finished it the day I took sneak peak at home….





I just finished this yesterday, while watching the bird life here.  A wonderful story written from the point of view of three different women during the year before American involvement in WWII, during the blitzkrieg of London and the rounding of up Jews throughout Europe.  I put this near the top of very few books that I will always treasure!


Just started this yesterday, and I’m hooked.  I don’t normally stumble on so many good books all at once!  I feel incredibly lucky….





And I’m looking forward to Water for Elephants that is on my phone.  I can’t see the movie until I read (or listen to!)  the book!

The day will end with a dinner of fresh local veggies and local cheese from the this quaint farm stand in Five Islands Habor….oh, and a bouquet of dark red dahlias, feverfew, and love in a mist!

Five Islands Harbor Farm Stand



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