Inspiration in Maine

Typically Maine, the weather changed every couple of hours yesterday, and the sights made me think about trying to capture the essence of a place in imagery…..which made me think of Joan Baxter’s tapestries. She has mastered conveying a sense of place for Scotland, with tapestries that are full of mists and myth and mystery. After 15 summers in Maine maybe I am getting a sense of this place….also a place of mists as well as brilliant sun and sharply focused views.

As we sailed out of the Basin and Cundy’s Harbor yesterday, the sky behind us grew very dark, and shortly into our trip we were overtaken by a squall.  Twenty minutes later the shoreline and islands glowed in the fresh new light and sparkled from the rain. We were headed to Snow Island, and just as we approached we saw an eagle soaring overhead!  He (she?) landed on a rock right nearby to dry his wings.

Eagle on Snow Island

In the trees just to the left in this photo was another eagle!  We could not get the two birds together in one photo!

After anchoring another quadrant of the sky darkened, and another squall passed through.  The quality of light is decidedly Maine to me, and something I’d like to capture in a future tapestry.

Approaching Squall

Can you see the eagle in the lone tree just right of center in the photograph?  All in all, we saw three eagles at Snow Island.

Before heading to Snow Island I spent a good part of the day working on another sweater…. Deborah Newton’s “Greenhouse Tank” which is in the current issue of Interweave Knits.

Deborah Newton's Greenhouse tank

Deborah Newton is one of my favorite knitting designers.  Her designs are lovely and fit beautifully!  I am really hoping this will be more flattering than my Plymouth “Kudo” sweater!

I am working this sweater in raw silk from Tess Designer Yarns in a colorway called Bahama Bay.



Deborah Newton’s “Greenhouse Tank” knitted in Tess Designer Yarns “Bahama Bay” raw silk

More about this sweater in another post…..

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3 Responses to Inspiration in Maine

  1. Cally says:

    Here you are! Somehow I had lost track of your new location, but I am very glad to find you again. And so very sorry to learn of all the travails which have beset you in recent times. I hope the summer will be a season of rest and restoration.

  2. Lucy Rogers says:

    I found your blog doing an Internet search.
    Thought you might like my yarns.
    My sister-in-law has a fun knitting blog, too.
    Check out “Where I Spent Hurricane Irene”.
    All the best,

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