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And Now for Something Completely Different!

We’ve been in Miami for a week….hard to believe since Bob does not usually sit still that long!  While the weather has not been quite tropical, it’s a far cry more pleasant than what is going on along the East … Continue reading

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Mean Miami

What a bizarre experience to arrive in Miami by water!  The bright, almost acid green color of the shallow water in Government Cut juxtaposed with all the high rise buildings of Miami.  It looks like a computer generated set for … Continue reading

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Nomadic Winter

For years I’ve been intrigued with miniature tapestry, and clearly its a growing trend.  In Wednesday Group classes, Archie often talked about exploring how little it takes to convey the essence of something:  a face, a gesture, a mood.  Then … Continue reading

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Summer’s Swan Song

A few images from our morning walk into Essex to have coffee at our favorite spot. Today really feels like autumn, and I wore long pants for the first time this season.  All the gardens along our way are bursting … Continue reading

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A Trip along the Hudson River and Huck Weaving

This week was a beautiful time to be along the Hudson River Valley.  I drove up to participate in the Wednesday Group monthly class.  It was a stunning drive there and back, and it was beyond wonderful to be back … Continue reading

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Short Time and Underway…

That’s a phrase I hear every morning when we listen to the Cruiseheimer’s net on our sideband radio.  Boats on the move to new destinations….some heading north to get above the Florida border before hurricane season starts on June 1….or … Continue reading

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So Much Water over the Bridge!

Weeks have passed since my last post….a combination of rough weather and lots of sailing has prevented me from keeping up here.  I cannot use my computer when I am seasick, and I’ve been seasick a lot! But that is … Continue reading

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30 Words for Wind

….and some artistic views of it… let’s start with Winslow Homer. He captures just how I feel at anchor today.  Luckily no sharks circling the boat just now, but otherwise these are pretty much the conditions here today. We are … Continue reading

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Into the Final Month

We’ve spent the last three days or so sailing, and sailing hard.   It’s not much fun when the wind is ahead of the beam, which means we are sailing into it.  Pandora goes like a bat out of hell, but … Continue reading

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Hardly Spring

We are into the first week of spring, but it still feels like winter.  We finally made it south to Georgetown on Great Exuma, a great jumping off spot for going further south, but the weather has us pinned here.  … Continue reading

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