Northlight Studio exhibition in Stromness, Orkney

There was a bit of exciting news in my inbox this morning regarding the exhibition of very small tapestries taking place at the Northlight Studio in Stromness.  Joan Baxter wrote to say that show went up as planned, about a week ago.

The exhibition is up and there are 65 postcards in total from Orkney, Yorkshire, Ireland, New England and Denmark. That is a really fantastic effort, thank you for contributing.

This is wildly thrilling to me!–that my tiny little scene of the St. Mary’s River has traveled to a place I’ve always wanted to visit–that it is hanging on a wall with other tapestries made by people in places I still hope to visit– and soon! ¬†Well… I am undone!


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2 Responses to Northlight Studio exhibition in Stromness, Orkney

  1. Ann Booth says:

    Beautiful little tapestry Congratulations

  2. Jody MacBeth Brewer says:

    Love this tapestry, Brenda!!! It is sweet. The more I see your tapestries, the more intrigued I am to try a bit of it myself. Like I really need another project!!!! Help!!

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