What’s behind that Door?

On our second day in lovely Georgetown, as we were walking down Front Street, in the residential area with its historic homes, we happened on this beautifully restored Federal style house with its front door wide open.  Hmmm… Could this be my chance to take a look beyond front doors and porches??

4-1-15a 028

 The man from the red pickup truck said we should go inside for a tour.  I thought he meant it was a historic house tour, with a guide.  Bob and I entered the house and began calling out ‘hellos’ to no answer.  I ventured a bit further and then really felt I should not be wandering about in this beautifully appointed house unsupervised.  Bob went back out to consult the pickup truck man.  He said that the house is for sale, fully furnished, and that it was open today for viewing.  No one was inside, but we could help ourselves to a tour.  Talk about southern hospitality, and trusting folks!

 This house was built in 1815, so it is 200 years old this year.  It is furnished with a mix of antiques and reproductions, and some of the antiques are considerably older than the house.  The dining table and sideboard were fully set for dinner…. inviting!

4-1-15a 018

The kitchen:

4-1-15a 019

There were several wonderful sitting rooms

4-1-15a 020

4-1-15a 021

4-1-15a 022

Want to go upstairs?  Of course you do! (sorry about the crooked photos….I will have to edit them when I get home–in a month or so!)

4-1-15a 025

There is even an upstairs sitting room off the master bedroom…. love the ottoman!

4-1-15a 026

4-1-15a 027

All this can be yours:  the house, the furnishings, a beautifully landscaped city lot, and a small corner lot next door that has been purchased and turned into a lovely garden…but wait!  There’s more!  The price also includes a late model Land Rover to get you out and about.  And are you ready for the price?….. 1.5 million and the place is yours.  Pretty amazing.  And you could live in this charming town. (You would have to get used to the smell of the paper plant though…well, there are always compromises, right?)

4-1-15a 015

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