Nomadic Winter

For years I’ve been intrigued with miniature tapestry, and clearly its a growing trend.  In Wednesday Group classes, Archie often talked about exploring how little it takes to convey the essence of something:  a face, a gesture, a mood.  Then came the biennial small format tapestry shows which I found endlessly inspiring!  So many little tapestries conveying so many varying images and ideas.  And then came tapestry diaries, an idea started by Tommye Scanlin.

Susan Martin Maffei has a body of work in miniatures as well, which I have always enjoyed.  One of her pieces, “Travel Series: NYC to Mendocino, CA,” is a long horizontal strip of tiny tapestries depicting images from the long train ride across the US.  There are wonderful subjects in these tiny works: farmland, signs from nearby highways, railroad tracks, water towers.  This long piece is a gem of how much can be conveyed in a small work. And she worked on a very small loom which she could hold in her lap on the train.

Since I’m traveling on a modest size sailboat, I also need to work with a small loom!  I often tell people that we are living small with a very large view!

With that in mind, I began the first tapestry, a small 4” x 6” with warp set at 10 ends per inch.  This is the finest tapestry warp I have, and after struggling with this piece I placed an order with Joanne Hall at Glimakra USA for some 12/6 seine twine which can bet set at 12 epi.  I am looking forward to seeing what I can do with a slightly finer sett. (I won’t bore you with how hard it is to get mail when you do not have a permanent address.)

My series will be called “Nomadic Winter 2015.”  Here is #1:  “January fog on the St. Marys River”


I’d like to do a small landscape for each month from January through April, but right now I have another January image from the St. Marys River that I’d also like to do.  I guess I can do whatever I want since it’s my series!

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  1. Fran says:

    Hello. I love the St Marys River tapestry. I have done a little weaving, but I would love to do tapestry, but I do not know where to start, or what to use.Can you please help me?Thank you.Fran

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