>Unfinished Work

>Will I ever finish this piece? I’m beginning to think NOT, and it’s frustrating me. Quite some time ago I found a wonderful picture of a stone Buddha on the fridge at a friend’s house. Yes, it was a photo posted on a refrigerator!….yet it was the most beautiful face I’ve ever seen, and I asked my friend right then and there if I could make a copy of it. She gave it to me. I’m not doing anything artistic with it, I’m just copying it. I blew it up to the size I wanted, and I took a lot of time deciding how to convey a sense of the pitted stone in yarn. I’m happy with the mouth and nose. I’m actually quite a bit further along in the weaving than this photo shows. Yesterday I started the left eye. Well, I guess it’s really his right eye, but as I work on it it’s the eye to my left. I’ve woven it three times now, and it’s still not right. I love everything about this face! He has a beautiful mouth, and a perfectly shaped nose, but his eyes are truly moving. I can’t get the right expression. I’m trying not to feel like a failure, but I really do. I’m just a weaver, and if I could figure out how to portray this beautiful face I could weave it without much trouble. It’s portraying his amazing expression that’s going to defeat me…..

Okay, here he is in the photo. I wasn’t going to post this, but he’s too beautiful to leave out. How many times have I written that word, beautiful, in this post? I think I’m obsessed with his beauty!

(The colors I’m using are closer to the real photo than this photo would suggest. He’s much greener, like he’s seen years of moss and algae, and not at all golden as he looks here.)

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  1. J9 MY Swen says:

    I am in awe of both the simplicity and complexity of your work shown here and the prose with which you refer to it. I’ve known you for years, sung with you, prayed with you and now see a part of your soul that has never been exposed, at least to me. Thank you for sharing your blog spot with me. I can only imagine that others that read your posts, talented weavers, people so unlike me it is hard for me to understand, must love what you so unselfishly give to them.
    God speed with these many projects.
    “the Comeback Mom”

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