>Sleep Deprivation

I’ve been awakened several consecutive nights by this owl. If you click on both the “A” sound and the “B” sound you’ll hear what wakens me! It’s a soothing sound, and I find it is bringing up some very old memories of sleepless nights full of teenage angst when I would be lulled to sleep by a whippoorwill. If you’ve never heard a whippoorwill I truly hope someday you will. It’s an indescribable experience that is heightened by occurring in the depths of night.

I doubt if I’ll ever get to see this owl, so hearing its call is quite intriguing. I’m imagining him (although possibly her) sitting in a spot like this photo, in a tree somewhere nearby, maybe even in my yard. I have heard him for several years now, in the summer when our windows are open. While the voice of a whippoorwill will always bring back details from my bedroom from the mid-70s, now the sound of an Eastern screech owl will be the voice of my menopausal, empter nester years when I don’t often sleep through the night.

Recently, during my late evening walks I’ve been hearing what might be a Great Horned Owl. I’m not completely sure about this as the owl in my neighborhood has a much lower pitched call. All I know for certain is that it is not the same owl as the one that awakens me later in the night. It’s interesting to realize that there is such bird life in my suburban town, although my town is rather undeveloped, so less manicured than most ‘burbs.

I’m not a “birder,” so it’s not as if I’m on the lookout for them, and this means I’m sometimes pleasantly surprised by my surroundings. Waking and drifting back to sleep to the sounds of owls (or whippoorwills!) is quite a good experience, something I highly recommend!

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