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It’s full spring now, and I have just treated myself to two weaving trips!  I feel decadent, and it is wonderful!

First was a two day workshop and evening lecture at Jockey Hollow Weaving Guild, which is in a beautiful part of New Jersey, just west of Morristown.  This is horse country with lots of historical, colonial sites…not that I visited any of them since I was busy weaving!

The workshop instructor was Ruby Leslie from New Hampshire, and her class was titled “50 Ways to Weave Your Color.”  Seventeen students each got a warp from Ruby in the same colors but different color sequences with different weave structures.  We then had a very organized round robin of weaving over the two days.  It was great!Ruby Leslie workshop 042010 007

Huck Weave with dark weft on a shaded warp




Ruby Leslie workshop 042010 010

Advancing twill on a different shaded warp with dark bars between the color changes.  Woven with a dark weft



Ruby Leslie workshop 042010 009

Bumberet.  Lots of variation here.  Warp stripes in bright colors on muted background and weft, or more subtle colors when the bright colors sections are not raised.


Ruby Leslie workshop 042010 018

Color and Weave Pinwheels, using multi-colored warp instead of just light/dark. Weft also shades through the various pinks/terracottas and the various greens.


Ruby Leslie workshop 042010 013

Asymmetric plaid, woven either in straight twill or plain weave.




Ruby Leslie workshop 042010 014

Double weave, with color striping and dark weft.  There were two versions: one in cotton and one in tencel.



There were 17 looms, with six weave structures to try, so there were three each of 5 structures (bumberet, huck, adv. twill, plaid, color & weave) and two looms with double weave.  Everyone went home with six samples and some of us went home with 7 or 8 eight samples.  It was extremely well organized!  Ruby will be teaching at Convergence this summer, and I’m sure her students will be happy they chose her class!

While Ruby has lived in New Hampshire for many years now, she is originally from Queens.  She made a comment that she likes to receive tiaras from her students as a light hearted reference to her ‘royal’ roots.  One of the students really outdid herself by making Ruby a felted tiara late at night after the first day of class had ended! 

Ruby Leslie workshop 042010 027

Ruby in her felted tiara!





News of my second weaving trip to follow!

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  1. Life Looms Large says:

    >Fun!!! That's the class I took with Ruby last spring.

    Those fabrics look familiar!


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