Settling In

I started a post on moving day, April 18th, and thought it could be a work in progress following  leaving my New Jersey home and arriving in my new home in Connecticut.  Few things ever go as planned, do they?

The first hurdle was that there was a bad cable line at our new house which prevented us from having internet service for a couple of weeks!  By the time we had it, I was really buried in unpacking/organizing/cleaning chores.  It’s been a long six weeks, but I’m feeling quite settled now.

I love my new little part of the world.  Everywhere I drive is full of inspiration; every morning when I wake up I’m happy to be here.  I know what a blessing that is!

My studio is almost set up.  The looms are in place, the bookshelves are full.  With a bit of patience I can sort of find all the tools and yarns I might need to finish several works in progress and even start the projects I’ve been designing in my head.  But I’m a long way from finished.  I’m not sure if I’ll ever get completely settled!  The hard truth is that I just have too much stuff.  Don’t we all?

In my perfect studio dream I will have a stone terrace outside the door (oops!  not in the photo….it is right next to the window) where I can admire my perfect garden, where all the flowers bloom in profusion with no pests, where I can sit and spin on perfect spring and summer mornings.  My looms will all be warped with projects that will become treasured heirlooms.  I am dreaming about a peaceful life here.  I hope I mostly make that happen!

This photo (above) is looking toward the wall of shelves and cabinets for my tools and books.  You can just see a bit of my Baby Wolf which sits around the corner from the two larger looms.  I have a lot of tweaking to do with this storage area.

So I christened the room today by actually working here, instead of unpacking and arranging.

In the near future I hope to knit and spin here!

….or better yet… in the imagined perfect garden….

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