I’m in orbit around the moon!

The first real snow of the season is falling, and I’m watching it out the window next to my computer, as I drink coffee late into the morning.  It’s the end of an exhilarating week, and we’re all in free fall toward Christmas, Hannukah, and Kwanzaa, which fall so close together this year.

Our grandchild arrived on Monday evening this week!  We were on the Jersey Turnpike , heading south, admiring the rising supermoon when our son called to say the baby is a girl!  She has a lovely moonface, and I’m calling her Tori Tiny Super Moon.


She’s blessed with a full head of hair, isn’t she??  –Just like both her parents.  Rob’s hair fell out when he was about 4 months old, leaving behind lots of blond peach fuzz, but Mom kept her head of thick hair.  We’re very curious to see what happens to our Tiny Super Moon’s head of hair.

Also, she has dimples!  I didn’t know that babies could have dimples when their cheeks are so well padded to help them suck.  Well, she’s got big ones!  Her parents were wondering where on earth the dimples came from– and then I arrived!  When I smiled at Tiny Super Moon they both noticed!  Voila!  She has a little something from me.  You cannot imagine how happy this makes me!

Like the heavenly lunar body she is, she wakes up in the evening and shines all night.  She sleeps during the day.  We are satellites in her orbit.



That last photo was taken in her adoring Grampy’s arms.  I happened to have caught the ring that Bob got from his father when his father passed away.  Boy, would he have fallen under her spell.

When we left to drive to Maryland, I had not yet finished Tiny Super Moon’s Christmas outfit!  Horrors!  I figured I’d knit in the car on the way down, but I completely misjudged the high state of emotion I would experience!  Then came the days of visiting in the  hospital, running errands for the parents, doing a few little chores at their house.  No knitting!  Finally, on the night before the new family were to come home I got out the little sweater and knit ’til it was done….ran all the loose yarns into the wrong side of the sweater and lightly blocked it.




On the drive home I found that my hands were itching to knit something else for my little lunar gem.  I just happened to have brought some yarn and this little book with me–yeah, just happened! I never go anywhere without at least two extra projects on hand!  I started the sheep, Spud….and as the years go by, maybe I’ll knit the whole barnyard!

This is not a good photo of the book.  I took it as it lay on my lap in the car! Isn’t Spud adorable?


When she’s older I will knit Chloe, giving her the appropriate hair and eyes of our tiny one.  I am so looking forward to watching her grow!

If Tiny Super Moon and her dad are sleeping it must be daytime!


We are going back exactly one week from today (not that I’m counting the days or anything) to visit for Christmas.  Uncle Chris will join us from San Francisco.  Tiny Super Moon is so excited about her first Christmas, and mostly about seeing me again!



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