Mixing Colors

While mixing colors is fun and often quite a revelation, getting the colors  in my mind might take years of practice…..might, actually, never happen.  I did make a rather good burnt orange, but my cool deep red was a disappointment.  It is more burgundy than I would like…too similar in value to the orange.  So I needed a change of plan for the deep violet I’d wanted.  All three would have been far too similar.  So I’ve made a medium blue/teal.  It is not a true teal, but leaning that direction from medium blue.

My mixtures are:
Burnt Orange: 3/8 tsp. sun yellow, ‘spot’ of scarlet, ‘spot’ of new black
Burgundy: 3/8 tsp. fuschia, ‘spot’ of lemon yellow, ‘spot’ of black
Blue:  1/4 tsp. blue 401, 1/8 tsp. lemon yellow
Black:  3/4 tsp. new black

While mixing these colors (and tweaking!) at my kitchen sink, I watched three hummingbirds vie for the feeder….and the nusturiums….and the passion flowers….and the mille fleur petunias. They really do not like to share, and time is short before they head south.  Have you ever seen hummingbirds buzz each other?  While they are standing off, hovering, they really do look like fairies in the air!  Then they buzz by each other at lightening speed, too fast to see, and dart all about before hovering again.  It was quite a show!

This is not my photo although it is very similar to what was going on outside my kitchen window!

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