Summer Solstice

When inspiration strikes it bombards us in many forms and from any direction. …

The past couple of weeks have been full of inspiration for me, starting with the beautiful full moon on the summer solstice, which rose just shortly after dark.  It may not have been quite as amazing as this moonrise, but almost.


The heat is on now and my garden is flourishing. My roses are at their peak…the subtly changing colors as the light shifts through the day keeps delighting me and distracting me from weaving! There are green tomatoes and plenty of nasturtiums to stuff with cream cheese and herbs or to garnish salads.  These are the salad days.

I was on hold this morning with customer service for a publication and the ‘muzak’ was classical piano.  I think I was listening to Brahms….a piece that is so famous, if only I could remember what it is.  It is haunting me with its beautiful melody, and I don’t know how to identify it…

Also this morning a friend of mine shared some links to the works of contemporary mosaicists. Wow!  For years I’ve had my mind on a couple of mosaics from classical Rome with some ideas brewing for interpreting them into tapestry.  These newer works are off the charts!  If mosaics inspire you, take a look at Mia Tavonatti.  Her work gets my pulse racing…

So today I have been working on my last pear hoping I can finish and move on to more exciting projects.

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