>Where I am Weaving (NOT)


I’ve been in some lovely places lately, not weaving! I missed opportunities to weave in the Mystic River, on Cuttyhunk in the chain of Elisabeth Islands, and in Tashmoo Lake on Martha’s Vineyard. I can’t explain why I haven’t been weaving as the days pass. Hopefully I’ll remedy that tomorrow while we sit in Vineyard Haven.

cuttyhunk june 2010 017

View from the high point on Cuttyhunk.  The church steeple is a United Methodist church, but the list of multi-demoninational services available only mention RC and Episcopal!.. not even a Methodist service!


cuttyhunk june 2010 034 The 4th of July parade in which everyone decorates their golf carts (the main vehicle on the island) and drives through the island throwing candy at spectators!


In the interim I have been spending some frustrating time fiddling with wifi on our boat with a cell booster a the top of the mast for connection. Nothing is ever as simple as advertised, and as I write I am not connected. I am just making a word document!

And I am attempting to learn to crochet. Actually, I know several crochet stitches and have managed to make trim for my knitted items over the past few decades, but I have never made a crocheted piece. When I visited WEBS in May, I was smitten with the crocheted market bag (made from 8/2 linen), which is finished with a lovely leather handle from Homestead Heirlooms (also now available at WEBS). I chose a dark aubergine leather handle. I am determined to learn this! Thank heaven for the internet because during the brief moments when I had access to it I managed to watch a video on how to do a “Half Double Crochet” as well as how to do a “Back Post Half Double Crochet.” It sure is hard to recognize when I’ve come to the end of a round (would new knitters say this too?), so I’m trying to use a marker to keep me on track. I’m forging ahead….but slowly.  I’m not sure that crochet will ever feel natural…

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2 Responses to >Where I am Weaving (NOT)

  1. K Spoering says:

    >That is a lovely – and tempting – crochet bag! For some reason, crochet give me ache-y wrists and arms if I do too much, but knitting doesn't. Go figure. That looks like a wonderful on-boat project, though.

  2. OzWeaver says:


    Thanks for the support on the crochet bag I'm struggling with! Today I am finally going to weave on board! It's a glorious day, and we are in a picturesque spot. It is time to weave!

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