When the boys traveled down here to visit us they were battling the biggest snow storm of the winter at home.  Our neighbor at home, who is watching our house, sent us this photo.  He can’t even get into our house right now to check on things since the front door is blocked!

And our stone wall is completely buried!

Such a contrast that while our house remains blanketed in snow we are hanging out in places like this!

Thinking about all that snow at home as put me in the mood to work on next year’s Christmas projects.  Here’s my progress several days ago on my Santa bell pull.  I’ve now finished that first Santa and am working on the second of three.  The design is by Prairie Schooler.

Today we say farewell to our good friends on Sea Schell and Kalunamoo who have been so supportive and nurturing to us on our first trip down to these waters.  Sea Schell is off to farther shores in the Caribbean, and hopefully we’ll continue to cross paths with Kalunamoo as winter turns to spring and we both head back into northern waters.

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3 Responses to Contrasts!

  1. Looks like you’re having a great time! I think you are in the best of the two places, right now. My mother-in-law stitched one of those Santas. She was a Santa collector, and she put it in a tray. She was a meticulous and talented needleworker.

  2. Barbara Stillwell says:

    Hi, Brenda….Hope you remember me from years ago and the Palisades Guild. I saw some of your photos on facebook and finally figured that you are living part-time on a boat. I then went to read your blog and enjoyed seeing your travels. You and Bob look very relaxed. I see you’ve also moved to CT; I’m sure the guild here misses you. We’ve been to the Bahamas many times, although never on a boat. I wish you many happy voyages in your new life.

    • ozweaver says:


      Of course I remember you! I saw some recent photos of yours from Hawaii on FB and know you are having great times right now! Thanks for looking at my blog. I miss weaving terribly, but I am having some wonderful experiences here this winter!

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