Family Fun!

The past week with our kids on board rates as the best family vacation ever!  We celebrated all three kids’ birthdays, coming up in March and April, as well as Valentine’s Day while we were all together.

I can’t believe how much fun Rob and I had cooking together in a galley that is probably smaller than most people’s powder rooms!  We managed some great meals in our small space, including filet of lion fish with herbed panko crust one evening! Here is one of the lion fish still on the spear!

We all have conch shells now….and Chris was the only one who could successfully herald the sunset.

On our way to the beach with rum punch and homemade mango salsa!

Chris went swimming with the dolphins while wearing the go-pro!  We don’t have enough bandwidth to post of the footage.

The kids at the monument on Stocking Island

The ocean side of Stocking Island, where we collected some great shells! Rob is wearing his specially made harness with the go-pro attached.

Getting underwater videos with the go-pro!

Beautiful sunsets each evening….

So now the kids have returned home, and the howling winds have returned to us.  We are hunkered down in Red Shank cove, awaiting calmer weather before heading out to Long Island (Bahamas that is!  …not New York!)


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