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A friend of mine invited me to join her at a one-day workshop on Soul Collage which I had not heard of.  I thought that learning some collage techniques might help my tapestry design, so I was looking forward to the workshop.

The collage class ended up being much more than I expected!  It’s a way to get in touch with many of our deepest, strongest, sometimes unrealized feelings…and how great is that for creating art?  The collage techniques were nothing compared to tapping into such deep seated emotions and powerful core beliefs.  I’m so glad I participated in this!…although by the time  left I had a massive headache! (I still seem to wilt every afternoon with aches, headache, nausea and exhaustion…what a flu!)

Soul Collage Earth Wisdom

This is an image of someone else’s collage posted on the website.  Many of them are quite powerful.  I wanted to post one of mine, but my scanner refuses to scan right now.  It’s making a lot of noise and giving me error messages!  Hmmph!

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4 Responses to >Soul Collage

  1. Valerie says:

    >Sounds very cool! Also sounds like it could be pretty intense. Hope you are back to normal soon after that flu.

  2. Life Looms Large says:

    >Interesting class! You know what's weird? I read this post sometime yesterday, but didn't have a chance to follow the links and read about the class – so I saved it today.

    But last night I had a dream about the owl in that card. I didn't remember the dream until seeing your post again…but that owl was in the trees outside our house in my dream. I love owls….so it was a good dream!

    Hope the aftereffects of the flu go away soon for you!! I get really impatient with that phase of getting well.


  3. Jennifer says:

    >What a great experience! It's amazing how much it helps to go somewhere outside of our routine and be nudged to examine ourselves! Good for you!

  4. OzWeaver says:


    Very interesting about your dream! Funny how powerful images can be and how our minds end up doing something with them… you never know where things will lead…

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