Knitting My Way through Life!

The past two days we have awakened to temperatures in the 30s!  Sweater weather!  We will be leaving Charleston today and heading ever more southward…. St. Mary’s, Georgia, by Thanksgiving!

I have come to the rather deflating realization that my Ann Jacket will not be finished by Thanksgiving.  Even if I had been knitting during the past week, which I haven’t, I still would not have finished it.  Sigh…

Before I took a hiatus from knitting in order to spend my days sightseeing in Charleston, I took a break from knitting the final body panel in order to knit the front left onto the back at sides and shoulders.  Once again, Vivian Hoxbro’s clever ideas kept me quite enthralled!  The way the shoulder knits together even includes an angle at the neck edge in spite of the fact that both body pieces were simple rectangles.  Brilliant!

This is really a terrible photo….the shoulder connection is not tapered as it appears here.  It’s just they way Bob is holding it.  And you can’t see how the front neck edge is tapered in spite of the front body panel being a rectangle.  Trust me, it’s ingenious!

I plan to spend some time today working on that final body panel, the right front, since we’ll be heading out of here shortly.  We’re not certain where we’ll stop at the end of the day.  Most likely a secluded place, which will be a rather nice change from being on a dock in a big city like Charleston….

I’ll end with a fun song I stumbled on a few a weeks ago.  I’d better warn you it will stick in your head for days…. but it’s catchy!

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