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Promises Made

It may be the dawn of a new year, but I am not writing about resolutions.  I am writing about promises. These are the promises I made during the past year. The first was a rather casual statement I made … Continue reading

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As Summer Wanes

It’s Labor Day, the first truly chilly morning of the season, and I LOVE it!  There will be a few more days of summer heat before we hit the equinox, but summer is winding down.  I can feel it in … Continue reading

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Knitting to the Rescue!

It’s sad for me to report that my looms are in the same condition as when I arrived home.  Life has gotten in the way of my plans… While I was determining the most pleasing way to thread the pattern … Continue reading

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Basket Man

Yesterday may have been our last day to visit Old Havana, and I’m so glad I didn’t know it then because I would have felt a need to rush about more. Luckily we had a relaxing day and enjoyed some … Continue reading

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Magical Havana

What else could I possibly say about a first visit to Havana, where Bob and I found everything we’d hope to find and more that we didn’t expect, other than it was magical? Saturday morning we took a cab from … Continue reading

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Mean Miami

What a bizarre experience to arrive in Miami by water!  The bright, almost acid green color of the shallow water in Government Cut juxtaposed with all the high rise buildings of Miami.  It looks like a computer generated set for … Continue reading

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Getting Reacquainted with Bobbin Lace

It’s a drizzly Sunday, perfectly May weather, and I have set up my bobbin lace table in an east-facing window. In this spot in my living room I have morning sun coming in over my shoulder.  I am quite lost … Continue reading

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Feeding My Disappointment

I didn’t expect to be writing a post this week.  I expected to be at the IOLI lace convention in St. Paul.  But here I am, at home, sulking a bit…. I’ve had some health issues that are too boring … Continue reading

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Bittersweet Season

It is the bittersweet change of season and here is the last rose from my garden, a David Austen “Heritage” (I don’t count the ever blooming shrub roses for some reason….). I love the change of seasons.  The days are … Continue reading

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Reconnecting….weaving memories

This was a week when my dance card was over full, but how could I say no to so many wonderful opportunities? My adult ed bobbin lace class has started again!  I am on the last third of the edging … Continue reading

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