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Spring on the Farm….circa 1750

Yesterday there was a lovely event at a local historic farm in Old Saybrook.  It was a wonderful way for me to celebrate being home and to enjoy the glories of spring! The house at Bushnell Farm was built in … Continue reading

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So Much Water over the Bridge!

Weeks have passed since my last post….a combination of rough weather and lots of sailing has prevented me from keeping up here.  I cannot use my computer when I am seasick, and I’ve been seasick a lot! But that is … Continue reading

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30 Words for Wind

….and some artistic views of it… let’s start with Winslow Homer. He captures just how I feel at anchor today.  Luckily no sharks circling the boat just now, but otherwise these are pretty much the conditions here today. We are … Continue reading

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Creative Outlets

Sometimes while we are hiding out from storms the waters are actually calm enough for me to work.  It hasn’t been often!  On good days, we tend to set off sight seeing and shell collecting, but on others I manage … Continue reading

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The Wednesday Group

A perfect first week of October…. it started with the beautiful drive to Archie Brennan and Susan Martin Maffei’s studio along the Hudson River.  The drive takes me north into Massachusetts and then west through the Berkshires.  And although it … Continue reading

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The Height of Summer

…and what a summer it has been!  The heat of July is long forgotten, along with that stifling dorm room at NEWS.  In addition to the best summer weather any New Englander could possibly hope for, I spent two days … Continue reading

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Putting Inspiration to Use

Today I am working on the warping assignment for my upcoming class at NEWS (New England Weavers’ Seminar).  The class is called “Freedom of Expression,” and it will be taught by Sarah Saulson from Syracuse, NY. Here is the class description … Continue reading

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Summer Solstice

When inspiration strikes it bombards us in many forms and from any direction. … The past couple of weeks have been full of inspiration for me, starting with the beautiful full moon on the summer solstice, which rose just shortly … Continue reading

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In Full Swing

Everything seems in full swing now…. I am making progress on projects I missed all fall and winter, and at last (!!) I’ve connected with the interest groups in my new area: weavers, knitters, dyers, and lace makers!  It’s all … Continue reading

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Is there anything with as much promise as mid-spring?  My gardens, my projects, my whole world is all hope and possibility. I’ve completed pear #4 in my ‘Trail of Pears.’  Each pear has brought  harder color decisions, and #4 caused … Continue reading

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