>Almost Spring

>Even though I don’t have any crocuses yet, I do have these houseplants that reward me every spring! This is a paphiopedilum, but I cannot read the name of the cross on the label.

And here is the first of about a dozen amaryllis coming into bloom. (I should have straightened up the kitchen table before taking this shot! Oh well….)

Today I will work on my Arwen Cardi and go to my tapestry class at Soyoo’s, so I expect to make some progress on the Hudson River tapestry, and maybe Rob as well!

Just on the heels of finishing the Swallowtail comes the new issue of Knitty! I’ve printed the directions for the Aeolian Shawl. Lovely!

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5 Responses to >Almost Spring

  1. Life Looms Large says:

    >You’re definitely good with houseplants!! The only reliable indoor bloomer at our house is a Christmas cactus that’s ancient.

    Tapestry class sounds so fun!! I’m looking forward to seeing that river tapestry take shape!


  2. OzWeaver says:

    >I have an ancient Christmas cactus also! Aren’t they great? It always blooms between Halloween and Thanksgiving so, of course we call it our Halloween cactus! Some years it blooms again around Easter.


  3. Robert says:

    >Brenda: Nice work. The header is muddy though. Perhaps you can put the type larger and in white to stand out.


  4. OzWeaver says:

    >Thanks, Bob! I think you’re right so I made the changes!


  5. Sarah Connor says:

    Christmas is not very far yet

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