>Fallen Woman

>I’m a fallen woman! I only made it 6 weeks before falling prey to a yarn purchase!

What would you do in my situation? I read on my tapestry list that Weaving Southwest was discontinuing its fine singles tapestry yarn. ….never to be had again. Oh, I wish I could post the colors I ordered, with luscious names like Chokecherry, Ganado, Red Willow, Caramel, Pinon and Spruce. I can’t wait to open that box!

And I have to say this has been a particularly hard 6 weeks. I’ve spent too much time trying to think of ways I could get yarn without actually buying it! I asked my husband to buy me yarn for Valentine’s day (he said, “why don’t we just go out to dinner instead.”). I offered to send my sister money and a list of yarns I wanted. I’ve been getting more and more uptight as the weeks go by. Deep down I knew I’d never last a whole year… truthfully, I don’t feel that guilty!

I worked on Rob’s hand at Soyoo’s today. Finally all the ‘dotty’ shapes turned into a hand! I like it! Here are two of Soyoo’s rules: when shading within a shape (in this case, Rob’s hand) always include most of the colors from the previous colorway. And to unify a piece use one color throughout. In this case the bright and deep golds of the background will be used anywhere there is light to give a sense of the wonderful golden light of sunset falling on everything.

A little project making a temari ball. I made a few more than 25 years ago (where does the time go?), but decided to join a group of friends to make a few more. Our time together is a great learning session, because we are following a plan, starting with the first exercise in the Diana Vandervoort book and working through the different techniques in order.

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4 Responses to >Fallen Woman

  1. K Spoering says:

    >The tapestry is looking wonderful! And such a bargain on yarn should never be passed up… think of what you saved!

  2. Life Looms Large says:

    >Not to be a yarn enabler…but your last chance to buy that yarn that you know you’ll love…..who would even want to pass that up?!?

    Thanks for the explanation of tapestry techniques for unifying a piece, and for shading within a shape. One of my weaving buddies has been looking for a tapestry teacher, and I think they’re hard to come by in our neck of the woods. Thanks for letting me learn virtually!

    The tapestry is looking good by the way!!!


  3. Jennifer says:

    >The tapestry is amazing. I look forward to seeing it finished.

    I don’t think you fell from purchasing the yarn. Was the point of depriving yourself not to gain control? You chose wisely in this case!

  4. OzWeaver says:

    >Jennifer’s comment made me laugh out loud!…and I’m still smiling. I did choose well in buying the tapestry yarn, but I’m not sure about my control… well, that’s got me thinking. And Kathy and Susan said it was such a deal…and it was!

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