Yarn from Latvia!

All the yarn from Latvia arrived over a week ago, on Friday, January 20, but I’ve been remiss to photograph it and talk about it!  Here they are:

Three hanks Aade Long 8/2 artistic, in "Red," "Pink/White," and "Brown/Pink"


These yarns shipped from Riga, Latvia on Jan. 10, from two different vendors.  Actually,I did not order the “pink/white” colorway, and it was accidentally shipped from the vendor on ebay the previous day, Jan. 9 (it arrived on the 19th).  She wrote me immediately to say that she was sorry and the correct colorway “Brown/Pink” would ship the next day.  Both the “Brown/Pink” which was from the ebay vendor and the “Red” which was from an individual on Ravelry arrived together on Jan. 20th. Ten days door to door from Latvia to New Jersey is quite good, I think!  Aren’t they lovely?

The Red colorway is smallest hank, and it is exactly the yardage for the Revontuuli shawl.  The other two colorways are larger hanks and should have enough left over for gloves or socks.  I’m interested in seeing how the long the color runs will look on a pair of socks.  If I knit socks I must remember not to carelessly throw them in the dryer since all my socks are superwash wool.  That would be tragic!  I don’t usually dry my handknit socks, even if they are superwash, because I prefer how crisp they look when air dried on sock blockers.

Naturally, I’d love to start knitting the Revontuuli right this minute!….but there are other things I really should finish before starting another project.  Let’s see if I can be responsible…. hmmm….

Our house went on the market Wednesday of last week and got a full price offer on Thursday.  On the one hand it’s a great relief that all our work has paid off so quickly and I don’t have to make my bed by 7 am, or hide the laundry; on the other hand now it’s time to really get serious about packing and finding a new home.  Out of the frying pan and into the fire, as they say…  These days there is always something to keep me from weaving….sigh….

Meanwhile, the first bud on my Camellia has opened….there are four more to come!

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