Wednesday Group Project

Pairs of Pears….

Archie enjoys looking at pears and drawing pears.  He says they have such personality.  A pair of pears appears to be in conversation… some of us began calling the project ‘Talking Pears.’

For a workshop quite some time ago we all brought in pears and drew them for the morning.  In the afternoon we took colored paper and began tearing and cutting to make very simplified pear arrangements.  I wrote about it way back then….

Yesterday I cut my long finished pears off the loom!  I need that loom for our next group project.  They have languished on the loom for about a year, so I no longer remember how we are supposed to mount them in order to hang them together.  Some of the group did a dozen pairs of pears!  I did only two.  Here they are:

Two Pairs of Pears

Talking pears 1

Talking Pears 2

Now I can warp up for the next group project….and perhaps for one of several small ideas I’ve had over the summer….

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