>Winter Blues


My son noticed this saying posted on the wall of the little hamburger place where we ate before the opera last week. At the time I thought it was a little overstated. Surely every day is not a struggle. But now as this I begin to tire of winter so early in the season this year, I imagine that each day is going to be harder and longer on the slow road to April!

I’ve already got a pretty bad case of the winter blues and it’s only mid-January. Yikes! I’ve got a long way to go…. So, look at these colors! The hot red and yellow, the soothing white and purple.  I think it was May last year when we visited Longwood Gardens. I’m trying to remember how it smelled on that glorious day in May.

Now would be a good time for spinning. I’ve got a rather imposing project going on my spinning wheel, something I admit I’m avoiding right now. But my lovely Steve spindle might be just the thing to cheer me! The fiber I haven’t finished spinning is a combination of merino and silk. It’s a very pretty grey/green with white silk streaks. And the finished yarn would make a wonderful lace shawl.

I have borrowed my son’s monitor for the past couple of weeks since mine died. He is going to pack his up and take it back to school today, so I will be visually impaired until mine returns from being fixed. So…..I won’t be here, and hopefully I’ll be spinning….

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4 Responses to >Winter Blues

  1. K Spoering says:

    >It is a year for the blues, I think! You’re right, it’s a good time to spin. Hope you’re having fun with it. Something bright and warm! Hang in there- Kathy S

  2. callybooker says:

    >But did you have a good birthday? January is a month when celebrations are badly needed – we had a friend’s 50th and, of course, Burns night this past weekend, which both helped to warm us up a bit!

  3. GodSpeaker says:

    >In winter, summer is just a rumor; a secret; a scarcely remembered hope. Do we dare believe in whispered rumors? Does the color green really exist? Will there be spring? We can only dream…and in dreaming, believe.

  4. Becca says:

    >You write very well.

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