>Medical marvels

>I’m marveling at the surgery that Chris’ friend Sarah just had. The night of the accident the doctors removed a piece of her skull to relieve the pressure from her head injury. They put her into an induced coma to let her heal somewhat. They woke her up early in the week, and since she progressed well through the week they did a second surgery on Thursday to replace that piece of skull. The part I just learned is that to keep her skull bone alive and well they had inserted it into her leg near her hip bone. At times like these, when someone’s precious life was almost taken by a random accident, the marvels of modern surgical techniques just amaze me. I’m floored and so thankful that she is going to survive this.

Now I just hope she will recover fully.
(Okay, what does this photo have to do with this post? Well….it’s an image of an amazing day in an amazing place, and both have happened this week for Sarah)

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