>Another visit to Tapestry Exhibit

>I managed to get another visit to the exhibit. I was hoping to walk through backwards, but I was with my husband who didn’t want to see it out of order. He can certainly dash through an exhibit when it’s not to his interest. I always feel I have to at least read all the plaquards hoping to learn something!
I’ve got pictures from the website, but none of my own. Of course my own would be quite different as I’d focus on what appealed to me. I loved one of the early works of a naval battle in the Netherlands. If I could weave just a small section of water I would be immensely pleased with myself! I’m so sorry I can’t show a detail of the water….believe it or not this is a detail even though not as tight as I would have done!

This is another detail from a much more involved work. These two men are in the foreground and so dramatic. I could barely walk away from this piece!

And this is one of my favorites. The apostles and Jesus are so sensitively portrayed, their reflections in the water are incredible, and the birds in the foreground are beautiful. The water is beautiful too.

An earlier version of this piece was in the Renaissance exhibit a couple years ago. I’d love to be able to compare the two pieces. I don’t think the earlier piece had such an elaborate border, and perhaps no border at all. But the central image seems very much like this one.

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