Hardly Spring

We are into the first week of spring, but it still feels like winter.  We finally made it south to Georgetown on Great Exuma, a great jumping off spot for going further south, but the weather has us pinned here.  Georgetown is the largest settlement in the Exumas by some factor of 10 or so!  It’s where everyone gets last provisions before heading into the remote regions beyond.

So we are wiping through our newly acquired provisions just sitting here in a very bumpy anchorage.  I am surely getting tougher at bumpy conditions, as I attempt to continue work on my little tapestry.

One day, we were visited by this turtle numerous times.  Considering how shy turtles are, how quickly they disappear whenever we reach for our camera, we were amazed that this guy kept diving down and returning to look at us yet again.  He hung out with us for quite a while.  It’s our first successful photo of turtle after years of attempts!    We think this is a green turtle, but what fascinates me about them is how beautifully golden they are.  They seem to have their own light as they glow right below the surface of the beautiful waters here.  I wish we could have captured that in the photo.  You cannot imagine how this guy glowed like golden sunlight as he floated near us.  Stunning!


Yesterday we spent a little time onshore Stocking Island (across from Great Exuma) and had lunch at St. Francis resort and then a walk on the ocean side beach, where the waves were truly impressive.  Seeing the force of the Atlantic made me quite thankful for our sheltered anchorage, even if it is considerably less ideal that I would prefer!

Here is the view of the anchorage off Stocking Island from St. Francis’s outdoor dining deck.


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