Warm and humid

It was actually too hot today.  It doesn’t seem possible!  We drove only moderate distances for four days and went from single digit temperatures in Connecticut to what feels like the heat of a sultry August day.   I almost wilted today…

My little copper pipe loom is not completely assembled yet or I would have had the perfect opportunity to warp it up today…. in the shade of the pavillion next to the building with the laundry room.  I did four HUGE loads of laundry today and got a fair amount of knitting accomplished on my first Oktoberfest sock (instead of weaving little circles!).  I am almost ready to turn the heel.

A couple of manatees were in the harbor today and one of them visited our boat for a while!  He is gigantic, isn’t he?!!

2-2-14a manatee Ft. Pierce

There was a large turtle near our boat, and Bob declared it a freshwater turtle, so the water in this harbor must be fairly brackish.  We watched the ibises congregate in the mangroves for the night…. it is such an impressive sight. There are lots of pelicans here.


I also worked on a bit of embroidery, something I haven’t touched in about a decade.  All in all, it has been a very relaxing day… culminating with watching Renee Fleming sing the national anthem at the Superbowl (the only part of the game I watched!). Tremendous!

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3 Responses to Warm and humid

  1. sheryl says:

    Hi there,
    Maddie and I had fun reading about the sea cow and the ibises. Everyone in the Cloutier home is going to send good energy to you for tomorrows crossing and I think it is great that you will be placing dad’s ashes in the warm gulf stream. I am sure he will be very content there.
    Well stay in touch and stay cool as we try to stay warm 🙂

  2. somebody! says:

    hi aunty, I really liked your poams!I thought it was great that you came up with writing them! I hope you know who is writing this comment and have a great winter! yours trully,

    • ozweaver says:

      Madison! Thank you for looking at my blog and commenting on what I’ve written. I think about you and Chloe all the time and miss you tons! I got a wonderful photo from you mom today. It was you and Chloe sledding….very funny since it was so hot here, and yet you had TONS of snow!

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