In a Funk !!

It’s shocking to me to see that I haven’t posted since Hallowe’en, and that post doesn’t even count.  It was just a funny photo….

I’ve been home now for more than two weeks, getting lots done, but not feeling terribly good about anything.  Bob and I are in the throes of worries about our aging parents, and it’s an emotional and stressful time.  Weaving and knitting…and spinning!….help me get through these times, but this time around things are pretty serious, and even my favorite activities cannot take away the sadness and the fear of what is coming.

Baking is another activity that soothes me during stress, so yesterday I spent some of the day baking toward our early Thanksgiving which we’ll celebrate this Thursday as well as next Thursday in order to see all of the family.  I always make Julia Child’s croissants at some point during the holidays for those who will be sleeping over.  I have to admit I stole one when they came out of the oven.  Someone had to make sure they turned out well!

This morning is a glorious November day.  There is always at least one late blooming rose after the first hard frost….a rose that blooms among the hips.

Most of the trees are bare now, but along our walk we saw one still bright yellow, and another that is still bright red!

Deep blue sky, red berries against the tan field, a spot of green from a rhody…and a lovely river make for a wonderful morning walk.

In a day or so I’ll update my current projects and write a little about the various events I’ve managed to attend since I returned home.

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3 Responses to In a Funk !!

  1. Sue schwarz says:

    Hmmm, wish I were there to give you a second reassurance on the croissants. They look amazing. Can empathize with your concerns about aging parents. Especially poignant this time of year. Thanksgiving for me is still shaded by the fact that I met with a hospice nurse to enroll my beloved Mother into their care on Thanksgiving day eight years ago.

  2. Emily says:

    The nice thing about working with textiles is that they never get stale, sour or need to be thrown out. The yarns, looms, wheels and needles patiently await our return, ready to begin again at a moments notice. It is restful and relaxing though, to pick up the needles – with some mindless knitting – just to unwind from a stressful day. Enjoy a day surrounded by family and friends and remember the blessings amidst all the worries.

  3. Cally says:

    Yes, there are those unavoidable things about getting older that aren’t any easier for being inevitable… I hope that tasty croissant provides a little lift at a difficult time.

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