Chilly Nights, Warm Days

The weather has moderated in the last few days so that we are no longer freezing to death!  I know, I’m just a bit of an exaggerator!  But it’s no fun being cold all day and then painfully cold at night.  We made a very poor choice to take our sleeping bags off the boat and to skip bringing any serious winter clothes.  It’s always colder when you are exposed outside all day while also on the water.  Those sleeping bags are in my car in Annapolis, and they would have made all the difference in getting some sleep the past week or so….

This is yesterday’s pre-sunset.  I think you can feel how soft and warm the day was.  Just moments after taking this photo, Bob and I each got a text from my sister, wishing us a happy anniversary of our first date, 41 years ago.  This is a landmark date we always celebrate, and if not for her text we would have missed it for the very first time.  We are both wondering if this is our first big sign of getting older….

So we sat in the cockpit of Pandora, enjoying this view all the way through sunset.  We blew the conch shell to herald the night, and headed out to dinner ashore in Belhaven, North Carolina.

Luckily we had already planned to go out to dinner.  Boy, did we choose a fun spot!  The Spoon River Artworks and Market….interesting name since I saw neither artworks or market, but only a restaurant!  And a very nice one too.  Here is a view from our table… it’s lovely, isn’t it?  For the first time ever we chose to sit facing inward from a window table, instead of facing outward.

 And walking around lovely Belhaven before dinner I spotted this pretty cottage garden that look out to the harbor.

Today we are headed to Oriental, North Carolina, then on to my final destination in Beaufort.  I will get a few days there to relax before Bob’s crew delivers my car to me to head home while they get onboard to head offshore to Florida.

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