A few more days in Hope Town.  Sailing friends have also arrived, so we are now joined by Nati, Meltemi, and Firecracker.  Take Two is still anchored just outside the harbor. We all seem to be reluctant to leave this idyllic spot, where relaxing is as easy as breathing the tropical air…

Ways to chill in Hope Town include visiting the newly opened Hope Town Marina where everyone is welcome at the pool.

Visiting Hope Town’s famous lighthouse involves just a little more effort if you want to see the view from the top, but it’s not too strenuous…  that narrow spiral stairway is challenging for claustrophics, like me!

Lovely view from one of the windows on the way up…

Spectacular view from the top with Pandora front and center!

Other ways we have found to relax here include driving around the island in a golf cart, walking the oceanside beaches, walking through the quaint town, and eating out at several delightful restaurants! This is the bar at Firefly looking west at another wonderful sunset…

Walking the quaint residential streets in town…

I’ve gotten my spinning wheel out again (properly known as an electric spinner since the wheel is a fly wheel attached to a motor, and there is no treadle!) and am enjoying working with some intensely saffron dyed mohair.  It is the color of energy and sunshine and happiness.  Zen in my hands!

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  1. Sue schwarz says:

    Hi Brenda, I tuned into your blog and was delighted to see that you are in Hopetown….one of my favorite places. My stepdaughter and her hubby and two goldens are at their home on Lubbers Quarter now, (Janet and Bob Hamilton). If you haven’t yet, I would suggest Harbours Edge for conch Fritters. Love all of the travel reports and pictures. Looks like you are having a lovely time.

    Sue Schwarz.

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