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The weeks are passing, in some ways quickly, in others rather slowly, and I’ve now been on board our boat Pandora for a full month as of yesterday!  This is the longest I’ve ever been on a boat.  Here are some images from my month in Maine.

Maine 8.21.10 019 Day schooner that sails out of Camden





Maine 8.21.10 045 Along the Fox Island Thoroughfare, between North Haven and Vinalhaven.




Maine 8.21.10 031

Herreschoff 12 1/2 (means the water line is 12.5 feet),  well known wooden gaff rigged sloop from the early 20th c. designed by Nathaniel Herreshoff, “the wizard of Bristol” (RI).

Maine 8.21.10 066

Bass Island lighthouse, southern most tip of Mt. Desert Island.  This is the most photographed lighthouse in Maine!



Maine 8.21.10 076

Our boat, Pandora, is in the center of this photo, taken from the lookout on the way up to Thuya Gardens in Northeast Harbor, on Mt. Desert Island.


Maine 8.21.10 077

Thuya Gardens, designed by Charles K. Savage.




Maine 8.21.10 080


Thuya Gardens




Maine 8.21.10 089

The reflecting pond at Thuya Gardens





Maine 8.21.10 090

Bee house at Thuya Gardens.  Bob took this photo for me so I could remind him to make one for our garden!



Maine 8.21.10 096

The fog bank rolling into Southwest Harbor on Mt. Desert Island.




Maine 8.21.10 094

The fog bank coming into the harbor and boats rapidly disappearing!




Maine 8.21.10 109

The rapidly ebbing tide near Blue Hill.  This type of rushing tidal current is called a reversing waterfall.  This is supposedly the biggest reversing falls in Maine.


Maine 8.21.10 115

Reversing falls near Blue Hill.





July BoothBay Maine 2010 059

Morning mist on our friend’s 100 yr. old lobster boat in Oven’s Mouth on the Sheepscot River.



July BoothBay Maine 2010 023

Osprey nest.

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