Sights on Rum Cay

Pandora on the dock at Sumner Point Marina on Rum Cay.  This is our first use of a dock in the Bahamas, and it is free!

Each day when the fisherman return with their catch and begin cleaning the fish the sharks come in.  They can be tempted right on to the shore for a treat.  Yikes!

Sunsets on Pandora!

In case you cannot find your way to the food store, which is just around the corner from this town square!

An osprey in flight right near our marina


There is lots of flora on Rum Cay.  In the gardens we’ve seen bougainvillea, hibiscus, vinca and morning glory vines which are perennial here, even an occasional rose bush. But most exciting is seeing what grows wild, like this passion flower!

These are everywhere!  I have been asking what they are, but don’t have an answer yet.  Fleshy flowers, somewhat similar to hoya flowers, but these grow on a woody plant that can get as tall as a medium sized tree.  They are in bloom right now.

There are lots of cotton plants here from the days of the loyalist plantations.  Mostly the cotton bolls are open, but I did see a few lovely yellow cotton flowers on our way to the beach yesterday.  I should have photographed them!

We found wonderful shells on the eastern beach which faces the Atlantic.  It was a calm day, and we were there at about half tide.  Low tide would have been preferable, but this week that occurs early morning and after sunset…not so convenient for us!

I spent this morning spinning, finishing up the alpaca batt I brought with me from home.  It is a blend of creamy white and fawn that is making a wonderful heathered yarn. What a delightful way to spend a morning in paradise!

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