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Almost two years ago, I began transcribing Archie Brennan’s life story which I asked him to write, as well as his many essays and articles written over the course of his 60+ years of weaving tapestries.  He is an excellent record keeper, and going through his files is an exciting adventure!

Wed. Group Kingston openingArchie (Medium)

Several years ago I edited and published a book which took a couple of years to assemble.  The “Archie Project” is considerably larger and is progressing nicely, with about 75 pages of text so far! I am committed to putting together a book about Archie that covers his life story, shares his probing, often humorous, thoughts on many aspects of tapestry weaving in various cultures, and showcases as many of his 450 woven tapestries as space will allow.

The blog is here

Two other Wednesday Groupers are helping with this project!  Barbara Burns is working on creating a retrospective exhibition of Archie’s work, and she and Sarah Doyle and I are also cataloging all of Archie’s photographed works into a catalog raisonne which will be an appendix to the book.  Hopefully, we can also create a DVD of works to be included in the book.  It’s a big project, and we are all volunteers! 

I’m seeking input, in the form of contributions of photos or stories, or advice or connections. Anything at all that you think pertinent to this project will be enthusiastically accepted.  Check out the blog and contact me! 

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