>Summer Vacation

>So here’s some of what I did on my summer vacation while sailing through the Elizabeth Islands, Martha’s Vineyard, and the Cape.

It was a good trip for knitting and spinning. I finished one pair of socks and knit another pair, and I knit the entire front of my next Elsbeth Lavold sweater (I had finished the back before leaving). I think she is one of the most interesting designers. Her pattern writing is so terse, but the patterns themselves are a joy to knit! Like Alice Starmore, even though Lavold’s designs look complicated, they knit like a breeze. There’s something about the designs that keep me going without any tedium, so they work up more quickly than would seem possible. I don’t think I could ever be that gifted designer who could manages to balance a complicated pattern with such logic and grace that the knitting is simple, so I’ll just stick to knitting their designs!

Wouldn’t you know this sweater, called Hild, was shown in my favorite color in the Silky Wool line! Since I’d already knitted Siv in this color I had to choose something else. I hope I will enjoy this color as much:

The first pair of socks I finished were the Jaywalker socks. I’d already made one months ago and had started the second, so I just finished these up one afternoon. The yarn is Regia Color Effekt.

The second pair of socks was made with yarn bought in June, in Williamsburg. The yarn is Regia Silk Color, and though it really doesn’t show in the photo, there is a certain subtle “glow” from the silk.

I had some trouble spinning while away. I’m trying to figure out the best way to spin a worsted single that is medium weight and has very little twist. It’s easier on my Lendrum, but I wanted to get some spinning done while sailing so I took my electric spinner. On the electric spinner I could not work out the ratio between slow spinning and slow take up. I had the brilliant idea that I could use my plying head to spin a low twist single, but I didn’t take into account how the plying head has even faster take-up since it’s used for plying. Ugh. Bob helped me put on a longer piece of cord for Scotch tension so I could slow down the take-up, and he suggested monofilament since it would slip a little which would also slow down the take-up. It worked well! Now that I’m home I think I want to go back to just spinning on a regular wheel, in my case, my Lendrum. I have barely put a dent in my beautiful Romney fleece. I’ll never get to dyeing if I don’t get a lot of spinning done….and soon!

I’ll be home for the whole month of August! I’m looking forward to catching up on a lot of reading and a lot of weaving. By the way, My copy of Tapeis Gael: Weaving in rural Ireland arrived while I was away so I couldn’t resist starting to read it moments after it arrived. I’ve read the first three chapters, and it’s well written and a wonderful story of such interesting people!

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