>Vacation Interrupted


All packed and nowhere to go!  It’s raining buckets here, and we thought we’d be ahead of it in Maine, but even so, arriving before the rain hits Maine doesn’t really sound appealing when we are traveling with our dog.  When we are on Pandora in rain we snuggle up down below and turn on the heat, bake some bread, or biscuits, or pie, and spend the day reading and knitting or spinning.  Having a wet dog down below, who needs to go ashore three times a day,  is much less appealing….

So today I’m using my newly found time to dye a second small skein (only 1 oz., 70 yds) in the Brazilwood pot. Yesterday’s 2 oz. skein is a wonderful color that I cannot describe well.  It’s a medium/dark shade of something between rose and terracotta.  Yes, it’s both a cool and warm shade of a complex reddish color! That’s what I love about natural dyes!  The colors are so complex I can’t find the words to properly describe them!  And monitors being what they are, I can’t even show you an accurate photo! Today’s skein will be lighter.  I could keep going with this dye bath, but I think I will discard it after this second batch. Pack rat that I am, I have saved the sawdust…

Aug. 09 029Aug. 09 034

I’m scouring my two large hanks of grey corriedale which seem to have a lot of lanolin in them.  I washed that fleece before sending it off to be processed into bumps, but oh my!  There is a lot of lanolin still in it!  I may take a skein with me to Maine to sample some lace patterns…. I’m now imagining this yarn as a lace cardigan.Aug. 09 033

This little swatch of the corrie is 6 st/in…just what I wanted! (I love using my Signature needles! I now have size 1 through 6!)


And since it’s a dark, dreary day, I will take some time today to spin the Shetland which is now my first choice for the stranded, round yoke sweater I want to make with the handpainted yarn I spun earlier this summer (the Gale Evans “grapevine”).

Our ETD is now Sunday, very early.  That means I can go to the local farmers’ market tomorrow morning.  And perhaps this evening we’ll go to a movie….

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2 Responses to >Vacation Interrupted

  1. Life Looms Large says:

    >Good call!! It's probably similar weather today both here and at your house – but rainy, windy, cool and generally gross. Ugh!

    Tomorrow is supposed to be nice and warm again – so it seems like the perfect time to start vacation – especially with a dog!

    Your dyed yarn is beautiful. I can see why you're at a loss for words describing it!

    And I meant to say in my last comment that I appreciated the link to that yarn store in far northern Vermont. I'm always looking for a good yarn deal!!

    Have a great vacation!! I'm impressed that you made such good use of your extra day at home!


  2. OzWeaver says:


    I'm a shameless enabler when it comes to yarn and equipment. Be thankful I haven't actually been with you during a yarn purchase!

    I hope we are done with tropical storms and hurricanes for the next two weeks.

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