One Week to Go…

We are sailing away one week from today.  No more procrastinating!  I have to decide what fiber projects will come with me on our boat “Pandora.”  As with most boats, she seens HUGE when we are approaching a dock, but feels more like a thimble when we are out in the ocean!  Nine months is a long time to imagine what projects I might like to do, and space is a premium…

For days now I have been waking up with ‘night terrors,’ imagining the rough waters off the New Jersey coast.  I have never wanted to do that stretch of water, especially at night.  Now it’s time to face my fear.  I am not ready.

Meanwhile, life seems pretty idyllic here, and the temptation to just stay home, on lovely terra firma, is pretty compelling.

So, yeah….those last two photos are on the water, but I don’t count taking a motor boat ride up the river as being ‘out at sea.’   That ensign is flying at the stern of a friend’s elegant Dyer 29, called “Musketeer,”  and this lovely little Herreschoff  ’12 1/2′ makes a great sight from the shore of Hamburg Cove.


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