weaving.9.2008 004-Changed

Christmas boundweave wall hanging. 19902

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  1. Lisa Gellman says:

    I would love to try and do this bound weave project.
    Is there any chance you would be interested in selling the pattern

    • ozweaver says:

      Lisa, I tried to write you privately with some ideas for making your own boundweave figures, but the email bounced back. Contact me if you’d like to pursue this. I will not sell you patterns–I’d just be happy to share info with you!

  2. Linda Oriti says:

    This is amazing! Would you be willing to share your pattern? Congratulations on a beautiful piece!

  3. Chanda Martin says:

    How many shafts are required for this piece. I love it and would love to try it but I only have a four shaft loom.

    • ozweaver says:

      Please forgive my tardiness in replying to your comment on my blog. The boundweave project that you were interested in doing only requires 4 shafts, so you could weave it on your loom.

      I used some patterns from an old issue of Handwoven Magazine (which you can find by searching ‘boundweave’ in their directory) and from the book Weft Faced Pattern Weaves by Nancy Hoskins. Once you have tried a few of the patterns you can easily design your own. Making up little figures is one of the joys of boundweave! I hope you give it a try, and please let me know how it goes!

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